Indiegogo Pitch Video (contains scene excerpts from the short)

The Commentary Podcast

The film and stage director Amy Starkey discusses her feature film project In Her View, its themes, as well as working in the arts, with Joseph Planta on The Commentary:

Exhale Pro-Voice Feature Article:

In Her View: Seeing Abortion Through the Lens of a Filmmaker, written by Amy Starkey

Cool Conversations Podcast:

The actress who plays Grace, Lauren Campbell, discusses filming In Her View with George Froehlich and her creative life:

Amy Starkey was also featured on Cool Conversations:


Save On Radio’s Humans of the DTES

Caroline Macgillivray talks to Amy Starkey about In Her View during an in depth conversation that explores the many factors that influence women’s choices around abortion, in her weekly show Humans of the DTES – recording will be posted soon:

LA Talk Radio’s Female Filmmakers Fuse

Coming this summer, Amy will be featured on Alexa Polar’s podcast airing on LA Talk Radio and iTunes: